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AMIDA 3D is a Canadian company advancing the commercialization of robotic printing of concrete structures. It is currently developing an industry-leading 3D concrete printing platform that represents a significant technological and conceptual advance over existing systems in the market, and will reinvigorate both Canadian and international construction industries.

AMIDA 3D Retaining wall application.

AMIDA 3D printed structures will be robust, customizable, rapidly deployable and very cost effective.  Solutions and designs currently envisioned respond to high value market opportunities in housing, agriculture, disaster mitigation and rapid response needs, military and humanitarian applications.


Bora Bulajic - Entrepeneur

Bora Bulajic – CEO

Nashir Jiwani, B.Eng, MBA, C.Dir - Chief Operating Officer

Nashir Jiwani, B.Eng, MBA, C.Dir – VP Operations

Martin Vroegh – VP of Business Development

Martin Vroegh – VP Business Development

Allison Hawkins, Director of Communications

Allison Hawkins – Director of Communications

Stuart Butts - Director

Stuart Butts – Director

John Walter – Director

John Walter – Director