What We Do

AMIDA 3D specializes in improving existing 3D printing platforms and design systems by developing unique technology and digital solution that provide precision and movability. It is defining the next generation of custom high-performance structures that will revolutionize the current approach to construction. AMIDA 3D is developing technology for:

AMIDA 3D Military and Humanitarian Applications.
  • Housing and buildings
  • Storage, humanitarian and military applications
  • Agricultural enclosures
  • Infrastructure such as curbs and retaining walls

AMIDA 3D is focused on market sectors with an urgent need for new solutions. The multiple and complex issues faced in these markets make them ideal market entry targets for AMIDA3D’s innovative technology. Our system and solutions have numerous benefits that include:

  • CAD/CAM design platform that provides an exact screen image of final product
  • Inherently customizable design outcomes to suit any requirement or terrain
  • Mobile and rapidly deployable construction platform and support systems
  • Resultant structures that are inherently fire resistant
  • Green, efficient and economical construction process with minimal waste or construction debris

Business Sectors

Infrastructure and Construction

A concrete 3D structure fabricated on site is much more cost and time-efficient than traditional construction techniques.

Current business estimates indicate that the shell of a 3D printed house will cost 40 percent less to construct than the shell of a traditionally built house and it can be constructed in a matter of days.


AMIDA 3D is investigating suitable 3D designs for livestock enclosure for the agriculture sector. Our structures will address such pressing concerns as animal well-being, disease control and efficiency of climate control and of use.

Environmental Disaster Control and Prevention

3D additive manufacturing will be a useful tool in the construction of walls and barriers to mitigate or prevent the effects of flooding and soil erosion. Using 3D printing technology, retaining walls and relevant structures can be designed and built rapidly and cost effectively to respond to emergency needs.

Emergency Structures

Emergency structures, for example, can be built in a day or two to provide temporary shelter in disaster zones or in support of disaster relief or military requirements.