Mechanical systems find a place in 3D printed structures.

Waterloo, October 2019 – A team of researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario are steadily working to develop a 3D printing system that will pump out concrete to form homes and buildings. Far from the first of its kind, the technology will use a robotic printing arm to deposit concrete based on a digital model of the structure.

Led by mechanical and mechatronics engineering profes- sor Amir Khajepour, the researchers are developing the tech- nology for Canadian company AMIDA 3D with plans to unveil a prototype in the summer of 2020.

“I’ve been in connection with [AMIDA 3D] for the past year or so and it has a large program with them in developing tech- nologies both from the robotic aspects and also on the mate- rial aspects,” Khajepour says.

Bora Bulajic, president of AMIDA 3D, says 3D printing tech- nology has made serious strides in recent years.

“Already, the applications being used in the world today are tremendous. We believe it’s unstoppable,” he says.
Jillian Morgan, HPAC Magazine

The October 2019 issue of HPAC Magazine showcases AMIDA3D in “WITHIN REACH: Mechanical systems find a place in 3D printed structures.” a feature by Jillian Morgan.

HPAC Magazine’s October 2019 issue is also available in a ‘digital edition‘.